About Us

Utilizing the experience of managing clinics in Japan, Europe and India, and the experience of introducing Eastern medicine there, the Japan-India Ayurveda Association is aimed to spread knowledge of Ayurveda and oil, which are the world’s three major medicines originating in India. Through online courses and education in India, events, travel, cooking, cultural exchange, etc., we will introduce the indigenous culture from India as a culture that anyone can participate in and share. We hope to introduce Ayurveda as a medium that can connect and interact with people.
The association is cooperated and supported by a fair trade of aroma oils from India, Ayurvedic treatment and retreat facilities (Ayurvedic treatment facilities/doctors/therapist groups) in Kerala, South India, group homes overlooking the Ariake Sea in Japan, and air travel support by JTB Japan. We are also grateful for the cooperation of many other people and organizations. With the help of people with and without disabilities, elderly people, volunteering children, student’s work experience, occupational therapy, etc., beyond borders and other frameworks, we provide new health proposals, medical and cultural exchanges between Japan and India, and organic oil in Japan.
The association also offers the certificates for Ayurveda based on the online courses in Japanese and English. With the knowledge of Ayurveda, you can then participate in programs in South India. We offer yoga, therapist training courses, Karari training, as well as actual treatment experiences, visits, and vacations with JTB Japan.


Lecturer, Japan-India Ayurveda Association Acupuncturist/Guide/Manga “Momiji Acupuncture Clinic” Director “Love body project” representative B.A. Graduated